Equipment List

Below you will find our recommended equipment list. We are happy to help with any questions about this list and your preparations. Please contact us with any questions.


  • Backpack (at least 40 liters)

  • Alpine harness

  • Sling (width: 8-25mm, depending on the brand, length: 120-180cm) and 2 carabiners (screw lock)

  • Prusik or reep string (only if you have it available anyway)

  • Crampon-compatible hiking boots that have been worn at least one day

  • Crampons – make sure they fit the boots

  • Alpine ice axe

  • Sunglasses suitable for glacier - must be polarized, not just normal sunglasses, as it can get quite bright on the ice with the reflection.

  • Sun protection (min. 30SPF)

  • Sun hat

  • Waterproof jacket

  • Pants: water repellent soft-shell or trekking pants

  • Light sweater (wool or fleece)

  • Light gloves for glacier

  • Drinking water bottle (at least 1 liter)

  • Head lamp

  • Helmet

  • Mat (yoga/camping/thermarest) used for exercises/stretching. Let us know if you are not able to bring one.


  • Walking stick(s)

  • Personal snacks (lunch is provided)

Personal belongings:

  • Toiletries

  • Personal clothing, including layers and warm clothing (down jacket, hat, gloves - it is cold outside in the evening)

  • Personal medication

Equipment Rental:

It is possible to rent your outdoor equipment such as the harness and crampons, however it is not possible to rent in Falferalp or Anenhütte. Therefore, please ensure you have the equipment when you arrive.  Below are links to shops in Switzerland that offer equipment rental: